Tip of the month Electric Cars

March can be a hard month to predict.  Good weather one day and cold the next, however this is the time we start thinking about getting our golf car ready for the season.  Hopefully you have staying up with charging your car once a month during the winter if so you should come out of storage just fine.  Your battery pack has been in hibernation for months and just like the bear population, it is hungry and needs to be fuly charged prior to use.  Here is a simple check list of items to do before we head to the course.

1. Check all battery connections, clean as needed.

2. Check water levels in all cells of the battery pack.

3. Put car in the run mode if equipped with a tow/run switch.

4. Check tire pressures and correct them as needed.

5. Take the car for a short spin to wake the computer and check the overall opertaion of the vehicle.

6. Charge your golf car fully and each evening prior to the next days use.

If your car is not charging or running coming out of storage please give us a call at 509-924-4946/ 800-778-7860 for assistance.

Now Powered by Best-in-Class Subaru EFI Engine

Boosts Power. Improves Reliability. Cuts Maintenance Costs. Whether you use your Precedent golf car for golf, neighborhood transportation, hunting, camping or anything else, you’ll want it to have the acceleration, hill-climbing ability and overall power you need. That requires a powerful engine with electronic fuel injection (EFI), something you won’t find in many golf cars.